When Even the Ordinary is Not Interesting

I randomly loaded up my blog last night, for no real reason – it wasn’t to check comments like I sometimes do because I haven’t blogged since the end of October – and then it struck me that I haven’t blogged since the end of October.

I haven’t been a fan of facebook in the past year or so because too many people that normally blog now choose instead to facebook (I won’t mention names but they both have these really ridiculous sunglasses, likely from the 60s or the 70s and no, I don’t mean Ryan). I’ve tried to not fall victim to the lure of facebook and as much as possible, I try and blog at least as often as I update my facebook status but here we are…18 days after my last post and nothing interesting looming on the blogger horizon. In the past, when faced with a drought like this, I’ve resorted to posting about the most mundane thing (I’ve posted about PENS for crying out loud) but I don’t want to write about pens, I want to write about something INTERESTING.

But here we are, in November and I’m settling into that lull of familiarity which comes each year at this time as work slows down and it’s too cold to go out and everybody is busy with Christmas type things so a night hanging out with someone can no longer be relied on blog fodder.

I admit, I’ve got nothing.

So instead, I’m putting it to the people that read my blog to suggest something for me to blog about. Anything, seriously. You suggest it, I’ll blog it. Give me a topic, ask me a question, ask me a LIST of questions. Give me something to get me going and I will oblige.

PLEASE. I miss blogging and I’ve updated my facebook status at least twice in the last week and I can’t let facebook win :).

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12 Responses to When Even the Ordinary is Not Interesting

  1. I heard you spent nearly 300 at Sephora. Whatcha buy?! discuss…and btw…I KNOW. I’ll also figure out something to blog about…

  2. Katitude says:

    Observe one person on your train ride. Describe them. Make up a life for them… what’s their job? Their secret desire? Their guilty pleasure?

  3. Daph says:

    There’s always something interesting to say about panties.

  4. Tina says:

    What’s going on with the book?

  5. NO!!! Daph! MY next blog is totally going to be about panties I think! Well, now I’ll have to blog fast to beat Tawny to the punch!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Prop 8 in USA.

  7. Jody says:

    You can’t let FB win, even if you were the one who insisted I join! Blog anything – your sister who lives miles and miles away is happy to just read what you are up to!!!Have you guys nixed the idea of a dog completely?

  8. Fern Wimpley says:

    Ahem.I’d like to point out that I am currently attacking the last year of a math degree. I’m up to my ears in limits, derivatives, cosets, linear approximations, T-proofs among many other stupid concepts that I will never use again. I have no time to blog.That being said, I hear the Sephora number is now over $400. I’m with Dawn. Blog about Makeup.

  9. Heather says:

    Hmm…I’ve always wondered what would happen if…

  10. ALB says:

    Let’s see, when all else fails to be interesting, why not talk about SEX? There’s gotta be more than like 50 topics outta that one little topic alone!

  11. Jody says:

    Tawny talk about SEX!!!! She wouldn’t DARE 😉 And if you do blog about make up, post some pictures for the rest of us who aren’t so addicted lol.

  12. Tawny says:

    That’s a DARE! I know it is!Hey, I will gladly blog about sex but you guys have to be more specific! Just telling me to blog about sex is much to broad of a topic!

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