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And Then the Karma Gods Looked Upon Me and Went Tsk, Tsk. (Updated)

On Sunday I did my first shift with our homeless program and in the hours leading up to when I actually went to work, I tried to mentally prepare myself for the nasty names that I would get called and … Continue reading

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Because I Can’t Make Things Like Risotto and Mascarpone Carrott Cake Without Blogging About It

So here’s yet another blog, that I will hopefully maintain better than some of my other blogs, which I won’t mention but still exist, in all their neglected form and are listed on my sidebar. Disorderly Kitchen is all about … Continue reading

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I didn’t see all his movies but the ones I did see him in, I always had a quiet appreciation for him and a growing admiration. When we saw Brokeback at TIFF two years ago, I joked that there were … Continue reading

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One of the big changes for me for 2008 will be a change in my position at work – effective January 2, my position changed from just being responsible for communications within the agency to now being responsible for resource … Continue reading

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The Official Blonde Moment

On Tuesday night, a few of us got together at our place to play poker and Kat came by my office after work so we could take the Go train together. When we got to the train station, I checked … Continue reading

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Another Girl Crush

She teaches Body Pump and I LOVE her.She was guest teaching one morning at the Superstore with one of the other instructors and as soon as the class ended, I went up to her and told her how much I … Continue reading

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Auld Lang Syne

In 2007, I travelled to New Orleans and sailed to Mexico (The Point in My Life When I Discover How a Margarita Should REALLY Taste), I ran the Toronto Half-Marathon (The Race Report), discovered Bala and had an unforgettable time … Continue reading

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