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32. When your nanny is in the hospital that’s a block away from where you work, it’s worth being a few minutes late to stop by and see her so you can tell her how much you love her.

My grandmother died when I was in university and involved in a long distance relationship with Taylor. I remember this because that was the year I got screwed over by a certain bank (in Nova SCOTIA) and the day of … Continue reading

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Protected: 23. Don’t peel the stickers off your sisters Barbie van because she will never ever let you forget it.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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20. The last thing you do before leaving the house with a newborn is change into the shirt you DON’T want covered in spit up.

I thought that I’d have a lot more patience as a mother. Considering how much we wanted Clara and how much we went through to have her, I thought that I would be a lot more patient as we figured … Continue reading

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29. When you find out your mother has breast cancer you need to try not to let the constant reminder that you’re not there to help get to you – instead act like you’re not as worried about it as other people because it’s just easier that way.

I’ve been so busy trying my hardest to be a good mother that I’ve become a not-so-good daughter in the process. We found out that my mother has breast cancer shortly after Clara was born. My parents flew up to … Continue reading

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31. When you hallucinate that there is a man climbing in your bedroom window while your sleeping and you run down the stairs of your two story house looking for help while still asleep, that’s when you REALLY need to make the appointment to get your sleeping disorder diagnosed and treated.

I’ve never been a good sleeper. My mother tells me what it was like living in a third floor walkup with me as a child and how she’d have to use the chained lock across the top of the door … Continue reading

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Blog Challenge

A few weeks ago I participated in a blog/Facebook challenge which consisted of writing a list of hard lessons that I’ve learned over the years – one for every year of my life. I took the challenge rather seriously, and … Continue reading

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