What I’m Wearing: Floral for (Flip Up) Friday

It came up in a conversation this morning that I’m wearing a floral dress on a Friday.

First, I’ve never in my life been so happy to see a Friday. Ever, I don’t think.

“Mama,” Clara said to me this morning. “Tomorrow is home day at your place, let’s stay in bed all day.”

I’m now fighting a cold, so I told her that was the best idea I’ve heard in a long time.

(I love that she’s adopted our new schedule so readily, and knows that Saturday is home day with me, and Sunday is home day with Taylor. This kid? Never ceases to amaze me).

Second, it’s Friday, and okay, the weekend will be spent packing and I need to get back to Home Depot because my beautiful bamboo hardwood floors are back ordered till late July, so I need to find an alternative that’s available well…now. But it’s Friday. I can forget about work until Monday, and focus on everything else that’s going on.

“Fridays are for dresses,” my friend said when we were chatting.

They never used to be, I suddenly remembered. In elementary school, you never wore a dress on a Friday because everyone knew it was Flip
Up Friday, and a boy could flip up your dress on you.

How times have changed.

It’s Friday. Not flip up, but floral.

Good deal.

(And, let’s be real. Everyday is for dresses. Absolutely.)


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