What I’m Wearing: The Color Purple

Clara’s a little obsessed with the color purple. Seriously obsessed.

Here’s proof.

As a treat, I buy her these little individual packages of gummies that are different colours. Before I open each package for her, we play a game where we guess how many purple gummies there will be. Usually, it’s one or two. Once, there were three but that’s pretty rare.

Sometimes, there are none. As in zero.

Tonight, she stood, almost breathless with anticipation. Waiting to hear how many purple gummies she was getting.

“You’re not going to believe this,” I said, looking up from the bag.

When I told her, her face crumpled. She laid down on the floor and she sobbed. Not a tantrum, with flailing limbs, but my-heart-is-breaking sobbing.

I could’ve said what they tell her in school, you get what you get and you don’t get upset, but c’mon! No purple gummies? But FIVE green ones? Seriously? Even I could see the injustice in that.

So I transferred the opened package of gummies into a zip loc and opened a new bag. Of course I did.

Two purple gummies. Phew.

I know this about my child, her purple obsession is not lost on me. And I knew I was borrowing trouble when I bought a pair of bright purple tights this weekend, but didn’t get any for Clara.

I should have been forewarned, based on our conversation last week when I did her hair for a play date and her lower lip started to tremble and then she asked oh-so-seriously why she couldn’t have hair like mine. Curly hair. Not straight hair.

You’ve got your dad’s hair, I tried to explain. She didn’t want her dad’s hair, she replied.

Yeah well. You get what you get and you don’t get upset.

I (finally) got my hair coloured this weekend, and feeling good about it (less red and less hair, sometimes less is more), this morning I put on a flirty black jumper, a black sweater and reached for my new purple tights (to wear with my Fluevogs).

“Mom,” Clara said, when saw me. “Are those purple tights?


“Yes,” I agreed. “They are.”

“Can I have purple tights too?” She asked.

Oh darling, girl. You may not have curly hair (I’m sorry, blame your dad, and while you’re at it, discuss your upper lip that may very well be non-existent, and your eyebrows too), but purple tights? Purple tights are easy.

I hope.



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