What I’m Wearing: Fluevogs and Polk-a-dots

I woke up to the perfect fall day – cool clouds rolling across the sky, the sun playing peek-a-boo, and blustery Eyore-type gusts that keep lifting the leaves and sending them dancing through the air. It’s mild too, a balmy 12 degrees, and definitely skirt or dress weather, I decided, when standing in front of my closet debating what to wear.

I started from the bottom and worked my way up, choosing my brown Fluevog boots with the light stitching and the buckles and badass leather wrapped block heel and the stamped soul sole.

I’m starting to think that Friday’s should be Fluevog Fridays. Well every day should be Fluevog days, and they probably could be (six pairs and counting), but maybe Fridays should be Funky Fluevog Fridays where I wear something other than my black Fluevog boots that I *kill* or my sensible Mary Janes. So either my brown boots that make me feel like a rock star, my black knee high boots that make me feel like a superhero or my lace-up peep toes with the 5″ heel that would be both awesome and crazy with the right pair of knee socks and skirt.

To the boots I added my favorite brown tights, with a chevron pattern and from there went looking for something brown to wear on top (I need new clothes). Taking the weather into account, and the fact that it’ll likely be too big next summer (if I keep losing weight), I pulled out my polk-a-dot dress that I love so much (it’s so Mad Men) and began trying to figure out ways to autumnize it. A cardigan made it frumpy, but a long sleeve soft suede t-shirt gave it a jumper feel.

Not sure if it works but it allows me to wear my boots, and the softness of the t-shirt and the looseness of the dress makes it super comfy for a blustery Friday. Hair in a messy pony-tail (too lazy sick lazy to get out of bed early to run much less do my ‘do), some sunglasses and I was good to go.

Dress: Jessica Howard
T-Shirt: Joe Fresh
Boots: John Fluevog
Sunglasses: Ellen Tracy


My soft jean jacket that I continue to kill, and (of course) a Starbucks. There’s a definite correlation here – if I have time to snap photos, I usually have time to stop for coffee.

These boots. *sigh* More clothes – skirts and dresses – that I can wear with these glorious gals are a priority.

And that’s what I’m wearing this blustery, Eyorey Friday.

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