What I Wore: Black and Blue

There’s a story behind these photos, one that had Deb and I dying with laughter when I told it to her that night at her place, but it’s not necessarily a blog-appropriate story except to say that on this particular day, I had about 30 minutes to get ready for work and to pack a breakfast, and that breakfast included two bananas, three mini bags of those Brookside chocolate covered berries and three of my bacon mocha brownies.

I’m still loving the easiness of a dress when you’re in a hurry, and with the fall weather, they’re still easy enough to pull off with a cardigan, tights and a pair of boots. Even knee-high felt boots that don’t have a heel so they sort of make you feel like a very short Robin Hood (“Why are you so short today?” A colleague did in fact demand), but boots that you can be a little bit smug about when people ask where you get them and you can tell them you bought them years ago.

Longer hair that you can quickly blow-dry and throw into a messy tucked-under ponytail. Add some big hoop earrings and the sunglasses that you found on a beach a thousand miles away and you’re out the door in 30 minutes.

Feeling only just a little like a rockstar.

I blame the sunglasses.

Amongst other things.

Dress: LeChateau
Boots: Aldo
Cardigan: Kenneth Cole (?)

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