What I’m Wearing: The Borrowed Edition

So years ago (5 to be exact) I blogged (here) about the clothing swap that happens every.single.time I visit the East Coast. And last week, when I was packing for my trip home, I haphazardly threw random pieces of clothes in a suitcase 12 hours before I left for the airport, focusing mainly on having options to wear to a wedding reception Saturday night and enough running clothes (because yeah – day 5 and I’ve already run 30km). Haphazard because I knew whatever I needed, I could just borrow from my sister, especially since we’re (mostly) the same size.

I didn’t actually need that much clothes, because it’s been a lazy, lazy week of running and long, hot baths with lots of wine, and hanging out reading at the nearest Second Cup (how is that there are at least 7 Tim Hortons in Sackville and not a single Second Cup or Starbucks unless you go to Bedford?) so I’ve either been in jeans, running clothes, or, well, naked in the tub.

A trip to the beach on Thanksgiving had me wearing my own jeans, my SJP con knock-offs and yes, a borrowed sweater and tank top. And sunglasses that I found on the beach (I have no shame).

An awesome, awesome day.

A most perfect day.







Sweater: LeChateau
Tank: LeChateau
Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger
Sneaks: Sarah Jessica Parker

Tonight though, I had a reason to get dressed in something other than my running clothes since I was venturing out to have dinner with my oldest friend (Greek food and wine, oh my!).

And began the oh so fun process of building my outfit uses pieces of clothing from my sisters wardrobe.

Started with a pair of skinny jeans that I borrowed from Deb and now shamelessly covet.

Added a pair of knee high boots of Stacy's that I started eyeing the *second* I cleared security at the airport.

A sleeveless top and cardigan that I found in her closet, plus a scarf.

My mother's socks.

Even my earrings, which belong to me, but that I got off my sister who got off my *other* sister.

Add the sunglasses that I found at the beach (I want to be a rock star) and I was dressed.

I am shameless.

What I'm Wearing, East Coast StYle. What I'm Wearing, the borrowed edition.

(And am I really this short when I don’t wear heels?!?)


Cardigan: Adrienne Vittadini
Top: LeChateau
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Boots: Marc Fisher

Tomorrow, with only three days left of my trip home, negotiations will begin for the trading of clothes, either temporary or permanent. I’m not beyond mailing back a sweater, or a shirt.

Or bringing it back in December when I’m here again and so will my other sister. And a three-way clothing exchange is inevitable.


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