What I’m Wearing: Thirty-Eight

I turn 38 today.

Two thoughts.

The first being that I sometimes ask myself why I do my What I Wear posts because best case, they seem a bit indulgent to me, worst case a bit narcissistic. Then, I didn’t blog for a few weeks and and finally posted yesterday, and whoa! Record traffic to my blog, so yeah.

People, for whatever reason, seem to care what I’m wearing. And I’m happy to share, because I love clothes so much, except for last night when I was trying to unpack and get organized and every time I thought I was done, I’d find another box. Of clothes. #oops

The second is that I had every intention to get up early this morning and celebrate my birthday with a run. And last night, when I got home from work, I stubbornly ignored the tickle in my throat. And the sneezes that I kept trying to repress but they escaped anyway. I laid out my running clothes and was in bed (and asleep) a little after 11. And woke at 5:30 and thought, “It’s your birthday! Think about the food you’re going to eat today (ice cream cake!)! Go run!” Yeah, that SO did not happen. I got up, and that’s as far as I got. Took some Advil Cold & Sinus and slept for another hour. But hey, it’s my birthday. I’ll run tomorrow.

In honor of my birthday, I pulled on my most favorite dress. My Ralph Lauren polka-dot dress, that remains my best score from Ross Dress for Less, hands down. It’s my Pretty Woman, Vivian in polka-dots at the race track (?) dress.

Love this dress.

Love that it’s my birthday.

Love that I’m celebrating with Clara and my mom and some friends that have truly made a difference in my life and my perspective.

Love that the only health issue I have to contend with is a mild cold – others suffer so much more.

Love my life.




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