What I’m Wearing This Wednesday: The Shirt Dress

Okay, so I *love* a good shirt dress. One that fits well, and hangs nicely. Makes you feel a *tiny* bit like you’re walking around in a man’s shirt, except its an actual dress and appropriate to wear to the office.

I pulled this particular shirt dress from my closet today; for a long time, it’s been a fave. At least it was.

At work this morning, I was told my dress was too big. “Think Homer Simpson and his mumu,” a colleague said to as she grabbed the material in my dress and bunched inches of it in her hands. (Yes, we’re that comfortable with each other, at least in my department.)

Losing favourite clothes to extreme weight loss? Bittersweet.


Dress: Smart Set (years ago)
Sandals: Nine West


A 3/4 sleeve is perfect on cooler days – and hides what my friend Deb refers to as my “crazy-long-arms”. I’m kidding, my arms don’t need hiding, especially with all the yoga I’m doing – but I do appreciate the sleeve length.

A 6am run deserves a stop at Starbucks. And it may or may not have been my breakfast. #oops

I’m asked constantly if I can drive in the shoes I wear. Why yes, yes I can. I can drive in anything. And do.

And that’s what I’m wearing this Wednesday.

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