What I’m Wearing This Wednesday (And What I Wanted to Wear)

Today we woke up to cooler temperatures which had me reaching for pants instead of my usual dress – which was commented on as soon as I walked into the office. Yes, people, I do own pants. I’m just too lazy to iron them enough to wear them on a regular basis.

The pants I really wanted to wear are a pair of brown linen slacks but they have stitching on them similar to the stitching on jeans. When I first bought the pants (on a lunch hour) and showed them to a couple of colleagues, they flat out told me that the stitching would classify them as jeans and would therefore break our strict no jeans policy. So they’ve been hanging in my closet for about a year, because they’re dressier than jeans and on the weekends, I wear, well, jeans. Or yoga pants.

I put them on today, just to try and see if they in fact looked like jeans, and I just wasn’t sure.




Top: Kal Rieman
Pants: BeBop
Boots: Who knows – bought them at Kal Reiman’s studio in NYC, they’re a runway sample.

Would you consider them jeans? I’m thinking not, but just in case, I decided to not risk it and went with slacks instead. Boring, I know.


Slacks: Jessica Simpson
Shoes: Anne Michelle

I’m reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In, and took the opportunity to, well, lean in.


Regardless of the pants I’m wearing, I love this Kal Rieman top that I bought directly from her studio at a steal for $20. I love how it looks on its own, but I’ve also worn it under a blazer with jeans. Love the high neck especially, and the fact that it doesn’t matter that I don’t usually wear necklaces.

And that’s what I’m wearing on this cool, breezy summery Wednesday.

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