What I’m Wearing This Wednesday: But Not a Real Green Dress (That’s Cruel)

I walked into the office today and the first thing a coworker said to me was, “Is that a real green dress?” Which is, of course, a reference to the BareNaked Ladies song “If I Had a Million Dollars”. I assured her it was in fact a real green dress, cruel or not. It’s also the lost green dress, that I shoved in the back of my closet because I busted the zipper and then, anytime I saw it and thought about fixing it, I figured why bother? Because it stopped fitting, which may or may not be why the zipper broke. Oops.

I got this dress from my sister years ago, when she brought it over from the UK. I loved its simplicity, but also just how pretty it was. Not sure what I had up offer up from my own wardrobe to acquire said dress, but I’m guessing it was probably worth it.



Dress: George (UK)
Sandals: Seychelles

And of course the required cardigan to make it office-friendly.



Cardigan: Reitmans

And lately, I’ve been feeling a very strong need to hide behind my hair. And so I am. Waiting for that feeling to go away.


And that’s what I’m wearing this Wednesday.

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