No, this isn’t stressful at all.

If you’ve emailed, texted, left a voicemail or tried to reach me any other way and I haven’t replied, please don’t take offense. I will. I just need to focus on some other things right now; like Clara. And myself. And her and I together.

I’ve been talking to my mother more than ever lately however. And that’s something.

But I’m okay. I’m running when I can, and doing yoga. And breathing. Deep, long breathes.

Almost there.

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One Response to Real(i)ty

  1. jods says:

    Well you know we are all here when time get’s back on your side 🙂 I know times have been hard lately, but it’s obviously bringing you closer to mom which is great and I can re-affirm that your increased contact is certainly making her happier and it’s nice to hear that in her voice when we chat. Love you little sister. xo

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