What I’m Wearing (Special Edition): Sarah Jessica Parker

So the great thing about losing a bunch of weight is that you get to dig through all the old clothes that became too small but you couldn’t stand to throw away. And then you find the beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker dresses that you bought from her Bitten line five years ago.

You try them on, and they fit. And they’re still beautiful.

I blogged about the Bitten line here, years ago. Mostly, I loved SJP’s argument that fashion wasn’t a luxury, but a right, hence her desire to produce affordable, quality clothing. And she did. This is what else I had to say at the time:

“I’ve been wanting to shop the Bitten line since I saw a challenge related to it on Project Runway, and was even more intrigued when I did a bit of research and found that every piece of clothes in her clothing line was priced at $19.98 or less. It led me to wonder if the fashion rule of thumb quality over quantity was being thrown off the runway – or was SJP onto something in that it didn’t have to be either or? Could a girl wanting to look her best be able to buy quality pieces of clothing in mass quantities? The answer seemed to lie in Bitten.”

I wore one of the dresses yesterday, a beautiful fitted black sundress that when I wore it with 5″ wedge sandals, I was told I look like a super model *ahem*. And today, I was desperate to wear these:


Sandals: Michael Kors

I figured I needed something short versus long to really show off the sandals. And found this Bitten dress in my closet, that barely fit when I bought it, and now fits like a glove:


Dress: Bitten

And spotted my orange bag that my lovely sister sent over from the UK a couple of Christmases ago, and it all fell into place:


Bag: Bessie UK

Hair up, mostly from a late night that was worth it, and I was ready to go.


But the bag with the shoes? That’s the killer for me today. Feeling oh-so-orange. So orange-you-glad.


Bitten. And that’s what I’m wearing today.

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One Response to What I’m Wearing (Special Edition): Sarah Jessica Parker

  1. Jods says:

    Wasn’t that the bag I gave you last year for your b-day? Don’t tell me I’ve given you two orange ones? Didn’t think my memory was that bad… Your looking good sis. (And I love how items of clothing or accessories we’ve kept for years manage to find matching partners eventually)

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