What I Wore this Wednesday: Office to Stable

I went on a scouting trip to a horse farm an hour and a half north of the city today, so I needed to wear something that would take me from the office to the stable and then back again.

The dress part was easy, I pulled on this loose, comfortable dress (which I’ve worn before on the blog) because of the high heat and humidity, and then debated shoes:

Dress: Reitmans
Shoes: Ann Michelle

My strappy sandals were fine for the office, not so much for the farm. So I packed my brand new flip flops that I got at Winner’s last week:

Sandals: Merrells

By the way, that IS a moving box in the corner of the photo, and no it’s NOT accidentally there. Another post for another day, promise.

Anyone else getting sick of these sunglasses?


Sunglasses: Rampage

It was a little windy at the farm. Things got a little bit crazy. Like my hair.


Then I fell in love. Not once, but twice.

First with Durango:


Then with Orlando:



I almost didn’t go, so stressed have I been, that I didn’t think it smart to take a half day away from the desk. And yet, so glad I did.

And that’s what I wore this Wednesday.

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