What I Wore to Pride (The Weekend Edition ;)

A few months ago I was at a friend’s party and in my slightly-tipsy-Fruli-induced-state, I befriended a lovely couple of women who apparently found me to be as funny as I was finding myself, and the over the next couple of days, they found me over Facebook.

A couple of months after that, after chatting back and forth online, I had them over for dinner.

And the subject of gay pride came up.

And it was quickly decided that I needed to join them.

I was scheduled to be in Ottawa as of yesterday with Clara, but changed my plans so that I would leave tomorrow instead, and told the lovely ladies that I could at least join them for Friday night (dinner), stay overnight, and join them for brunch and the march that afternoon.

Of course, what I was going to wear for gay pride was something I took very seriously, at least for the Friday evening and I even went so far as to text my girlfriends photos of different tops.

This is the result – what I wore to dinner and then to brunch and the march the next day.

Top: Joe Fresh
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Anne Michelle


I bought those fluorescent yellow jeans off the clearance table when I went in to buy flip flops last week. They were $4.


Jacket: Guess

They were calling for rain for most of Friday and Saturday, so I brought along a jacket just in case. This Guess jacket is probably one of my favourite pieces of clothing that I own. The good news? It didn’t rain at all, either Friday night or Saturday.


So this is not something that many people know about me (because at work I’m so outgoing and sociable, ha!) but I still get really, really shy around large groups of people and the shyness doesn’t dissipate until I have a couple of drinks and I start to get comfortable. And sometimes, when I’m in a big crowd of people, I get overwhelmed (because it can be overwhelming) and I escape to the restrooms which is what I did last night. And may or may not have some spent time hanging out in the stall texting and taking self-portraits for this blog.

(Ignore the mark on my lip in the above photo. I may or may not have hit myself in the mouth with my phone. Because I’m just that *clumsy*).


The restroom had a very nice upholstered chaise that I eventually transferred too. And when I was feeling brave confident relaxed enough, I returned to the dinner party.

Yes, I can be that shy.


Pants: XCVI
Tank: Old Navy
Jacket: Jessica Simpson
Flip flops: Old Navy

For brunch and the march the next day, I wanted to be casual and comfortable and despite the call for rain, I ignored the jeans I packed and went with the white linen wide-legged capris I bought while in Vegas and have been dying to wear (work has a no capri policy).


I wore my hair up until we got on Church and I suddenly, inexplicably wanted it down. I’m guessing it was all the free spirits I was amongst, a tight pony tail just wasn’t cutting it.

So I pulled my hair free and instantly felt much better.


And that’s what I wore to gay pride.

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