What I’m Wearing This Wednesday: Metallic & Print

I didn’t *gasp* watch Mad Men last night so there’s a) no recap of this week’s episode, nor was there b) any inspiration when I got dressed this morning. Other than I knew it was going to be stupid hot and I wanted something loose that would be both cool and comfortable.

I bought this dress in the winter actually, and wore it mostly with dark gray tights and black Mary Janes and, on the colder days, a black cardigan. It works just as well in the warmer months though – and I love it in that sense for its seasonal versatility. Plus there’s still something about it that murmurs 60’s sensible in a “house dress” sense so maybe it’s a little bit Mad Men.

Dressed it up with my Anne Michelle shoes (killing these shoes this summer) and a pair of metallic, almost chain mail like earrings that I bought on Queen West a couple of years ago, and I was dressed for the day.



Dress: thx Thanx Collection
Shoes: Anne Michelle


Sunglasses: Rampage


Earrings: Queen Street West (one of the local shops?)


And finished the day in the backyard watching Clara play in the sprinklers.

And that’s what I’m wearing this Wednesday.

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