What I’m Wearing This Wednesday

Oh, today would have been the perfect day for a Mad Men dress as a special nod to Joan and her gutsy move this week and standing her ground. But the temps in these parts are cooler than normal and since I don’t do nylons, tights or boots after June 1 (unless its raining or after 5pm), I had to bypass all the pretty dresses in my closet and reach for slacks instead which is NOT the norm for me.

When forced to wear pants though, my go-to as of late are black trousers that wear low on my hips (and that, coincidentally, I’m now able to pull off without undoing them). All pants have a flared bottom and are a long enough length that I can easily wear a 4″+ heel no problem.


You’d think with the cooler weather, I’d take advantage of the low-humidity and wear my hair DOWN not UP, but I was also supposed to get up at 5am and run but that didn’t happen either.


I get so many compliments on this shirt and the pattern. It’s a shirt I bought in Vegas YEARS ago, but has held up surprisingly well.


Sunglasses and my denim jacket that I bought for Vegas but have been KILLING cause it’s the softest denim ever and I was out the door.

Shirt: Carina (Las Vegas)
Trousers: Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker
Shoes: Anne Michelle
Jean Jacket: Jessica Simpson

And that’s what I’m wearing this Wednesday.

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