Spring Time Running

I decided last night to get my long run out of the way despite it calling for rain in the early part of the day. With the alarm set for 7am, I was in bed by 10pm despite it being a Saturday and after hitting the snooze button once, I was up and getting ready for my run at 7:15. On a Sunday morning.

I was doing my long run today, so I ate a bit more than my usual half banana and bit of juice, and went with a full banana, half of one of my Paleo flourless mocha chocolate bacon brownies and enough water to hydrate me through my run.

I stepped outside just as the first rain drops fell.

My speed has slowed substantially in the past few years since I ran my half but I’m carrying an extra 20lbs that I’d rather not be carrying and eating Paleo probably doesn’t quite fuel me the way that I used to eat did. Regardless, I’m focusing more on distance and endurance and ignoring the constantly chipper voice in my head reminding me just how slow I’m going.

I did 12km, the first 3 in the rain, starting my run with 3 sets of hills and finishing with another 9 and did 10 sets of stairs at the 5.5km mark. I didn’t stop to walk a single time and only stopped twice, to snap two photos, the stairs and hills I run.




I’m not going to be ready for a half in May, unfortunately, but I’m eyeballing Niagara in June. Thanksgiving will be the valley run with Stacy (haven’t decided between a half or a full) but if I’m close to marathon ready by then, the Vegas November full might be on the list.

This, I’m hoping, is going to be the year of some decent running.

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