Glasses From Clearly Contacts in 48 Hours or Less

I finally went online and ordered a new pair of glasses from Clearly Contacts. Clara broke my last (and only) pair of glasses probably a year ago and I’ve been making due with contacts since then. But then I got my eyes checked, and heard about the first pair free offer from Clearly Contacts, so I figured why not?

I ordered these glasses late Wednesday night and they arrived in my mailbox on Friday, less than 48 hours later.

Because they’re my first pair, the frames were free. But the cost of the ultra thin lenses, the coatings, the clipons and taxes and delivery? It still only cost me just over $100. Every other pair of glasses I’ve ever bought has cost me $400+.

I wear a lot of black so I decided to go with a black frame. I was hoping for something stylish and dramatic but a little bit geeky.

Here’s the result:



I’m going to enjoy wearing these…and at that price? I have a feeling they’re not going to be my last pair this year.

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