Easter x 3

Easter Sunday this year included:

1) A 10km run with my sister (who two years ago, couldn’t keep up with me; now I can’t keep up with her and I’m so proud of her). Note to self: If you’re going to run up the street waving over your shoulder at your daughter waving from the window, it’s smart to know what’s ahead of you to avoid running into a parked car.

2) An antibiotic and hormone free chicken that I covered with butter and bacon and stuffed with lemon, garlic and thyme.


Served with crispy golden roast potatoes cooked in the butter and bacon fat and sprinkled with the crumbled bacon, roasted sweet potatoes, and green beans with walnuts onion and mushrooms.

3) A 3 year old who may or may not have lost her mind over the Easter basket and few small gifts that were waiting for her (including Minnie Mouse Lip Smackers in 3 flavours that she applied on rotational basis, repeatedly, through out the day), and an Easter egg hunt that had her running around the house, her hair flying, while the rest of us watched.


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