Our Day, Compliments of Instagram

Months ago I put the Instagram app on my phone but never really played around with it till today.

Clara and I got to spend a much welcome day alone, and I Instagrammed some of it.


I got my hair coloured last night (Vern says the technique he used is ombré and it’s VERY fashion forward, I just let him do what he wanted) and Clara took one look at my hair and said she wanted her hair that color. As if.


We spent the morning cleaning the house and getting the guest room ready for visitors. My mom and sister arrived tonight.


Clara and I drove the country roads to the Apple Factory to get some last minute food for the Easter weekend (I’m just roasting a chicken on Sunday) and since it was a beautiful day, we had the sun roof open and the music UP. We sang along together to bad pop music and it didn’t bother me at all that I wasn’t getting out for a run on such a beautiful day. Because some things are much better.


Just one of the reasons I’m glad to have a girl. Because every once in a while, after she has a bath, she’ll cooperate and let me blow dry her hair. With a round brush, I can get it to flip just so and then she runs to the mirror and shakes her head to watch her hair swing. And then she puts Katy Perry on the iPad and the moment is…ruined emphasized.



Waiting at the airport for our guests to arrive. Clara keeps saying it’s “girls weekend” and her father is in DC with a couple of friends for “boys weekend”.

We’ve got Easter tea booked at the tea room tomorrow, followed by dance class so it’s shaping up to be a girls weekend for sure. Clara claims she’s wearing this new dress auntie Stacy got her to the tea party. We’re negotiating about the boots.


And that’s our Instagram day.

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One Response to Our Day, Compliments of Instagram

  1. jods2527 says:

    I love you all soooo much; if I’d known it was a girly wknd I might have flown out! Happy Easter xoxo

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