Against the Wind


Notes from my run today:

Learned a valuable lesson today. Checking the weather and the direction of the wind as well as it’s speed is useful information. I can plan my run accordingly and avoid wide open spaces as much as possible. Running on the sidewalks closest to where the wind is coming from helps because the houses provide a great shield. When I’m stuck running against the wind – and knowing its direction and my route helps me get ready for it – I tuck into a sort of boxer’s pose. Head down and fists up, my shoulders and hips turned in. When I’m out of the wind it’s back to normal. Head up and shoulders back, hips open.

Running against the wind.

Did 4.5 miles and then headed back home for a paleo, post-run breakfast:


Bacon and almond-flour pancakes. Almost 36 grams of protein right there.

Loving Paleo. Loving my runs.

I’m still listening to a lot of July Talk when I run. And some James Blake. Lana Del Ray, Jamie Lidell. Killing the Robyn song Dancing On My Own, since hearing it playing in the credits to an episode of Girls. And this Major Lazer song:

What am I not listening to that I should be when I’m running?

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