Hair Today

When my stylist Vern and I decided to grow my hair out, I don’t think either of us expected (or was prepared) for this:


This is what I deal with. Every. Single. Day.

And more often than not, unless its evening and we’re going out and I have more time to get ready, that becomes this:


How boring, I know.

But the first? Involves product and a curling iron and more product. And lots of time. And then it’s a curly, tousled, did she just tumble out of bed look. But I have to work for that look.

And most mornings? Especially if I’ve been out for a run or didn’t sleep well? It’s the contained, serious look. And really, I’d like to think I’m neither of those things.

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One Response to Hair Today

  1. jods27 says:

    Ah Sis, as you know I often where my hair pinned up for work too; I have other more important things to worry about, and like you – I think it looks good either way. At least you always have the option to go way short again, because you rock that too – I on the other hand don’t 🙂

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