Work has been non-stop for the past 2+ months as I work towards a deadline on a big project that’s consumed ALL my time.


Clara has transitioned to full time daycare as a result of her grandfather deciding to return to the east coast; I changed my hours so I could get off at 4 and pick her up by 4:30. This means being in the office at 8.

Being in the office at 8 means I have to be out the door for a run no later than 5:30am, ideally by 5:15.

Getting up at 5 means getting to bed even earlier.

I started eating Paleo, and am eating it probably 80-90% of the time. There’s a longer post there, but let me just say the work involved in eating whole, real food and avoiding processed food requires a lot of planning and a lot of prep. My evenings have all but disappeared.


I’ve resigned both Clara and myself up for more swim classes. I’ve also signed Clara up for a pre-ballet class. I’m also trying to get to at least two yoga classes a week, both in the evenings. One’s a restorative yoga class, designed especially for runners.


Even if I could find the time to blog (and I keep promising myself I will) it’s hard to come home and write a blog post when I’ve spent the day at work writing online content.

Life is busy. I’ve given new meaning to the word multi- tasking, at least for me.


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