I got pulled into a meeting at the end of my day that kept me at work later than normal. On the way home, I texted to say I’d be late and to go ahead with dinner without me. I had to make a quick stop at Winners for a couple of things to get ready for the work holiday party tomorrow night and in the line, I complained on Facebook that the lineup to pay was taking longer than the time required to find the things I needed.

I honked at a driver that cut me off in the parking lot leaving and cursed under my breath when I approached the train tracks and saw the flashing lights as an oncoming train arriving at the station.


And then it struck me. That I could be on that train, arriving home from working downtown. That I could be getting home after 6:30 every night, and not getting to spend as much time with Clara as I currently do.

Tonight was a one off. I rarely ever have to stay late at work and the need to run an errand on a specific day for a specific event is rare.

Most days, I’m home at 5:30, and lately, Clara’s been waiting at the door, eager to ask me how my day was.

And I’m eager to hear how hers was, too.

I’m so very fortunate.

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