From The Inside Looking Out

I’ve never been a big one for parades.

I’ve yet to see the Toronto parade (live or televised) and have lived here for 15 (?) years now. When Renu’s kids were (much) smaller, I invited them a couple of times to the very small and very quaint Santa Claus parade down Campbellville’s one main road.

That’s about it, until this year.

This year, Clara and I were invited to be in the Streetsville Santa Claus parade.

Of course I said yes.

I was designated to be a Christmas stocking, Clara a stuffed “toy”. She ended up being a unicorn.

We had the BEST time, from the inside looking out. It’s so much more fun being a participant than a spectator but more than that, I’m excited that I was able to give Clara the experience and hopefully will for years to come.

Our participation in the parade will be proof of what a cool mom I was for her, I said the other night at the dinner table.

“Was,” the others joked.

Will always be, I think – because I’ve got the photos to back me up.


On our way to the parade. Clara wanted “chocolate sprinkles” like me. And the same Christmas ribbons that I had tied in my hair.


Her first school bus ride, on the bus going to the start line.


Waiting to line up. My costume was made by a clearly talented woman that I work with. Incredible costume.





Walking in the parade. Clara got A LOT of attention, as people called out to her. And for the record, she did her job, waving and calling out Merry Christmas in that little tiny voice.


We doubled back when we were done so we could see Santa (of course we did) and then we sat on the sidewalk and ate some smarties while we waited for the crowd to disperse. Because walking in a parade is hard work.

Seriously, this? This is not only what Christmas is about, but it’s also what parenting is about. At it’s very best – it’s this.

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One Response to From The Inside Looking Out

  1. jods27 says:

    You both looked adorably brilliant. And you are a wonderful, loving, amazing and super cool mom sister, don’t ever doubt it. x

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