What I’m Wearing: Color

We’ve had a few grey and foggy days this week and so I did my best to brighten up my days with a bit of color in my wardrobe.

(And yes, I’m aware that the mirror in which I’m taking shameless self-portraits is completely and utterly covered in toddler-size smudges. The reason? She thinks it’s great fun to take the suds from our bubble baths and clean the mirror with them. Hard to argue with that logic.)



I picked this green dress up at Winners early this year when I knew I’d be going back to work. I couldn’t quite get up the nerve to wear it as a dress (it’s not that it’s short, but that it’s short and err form fitting). The other day I saw it in the closet with the tags still on, and decided to wear it as a top, with it folded under. I think it worked – and I liked it enough to send it off to my tailor to have her permanently alter it to shirt length. And as much as I love wearing dresses, in this particular case, I’ll wear it more as a shirt. (Can you picture it in the summer with white jeans and strappy sandals? Ooh!)

Green dress/top: Winners
Black pants: Guess
Boots: Fluevog



The orange bag showed up – a belated gift from Jody in the UK and I immediately began mentally inventorying my wardrobe to figure out what I could wear with it. I’m not a huge fan of orange and black (I immediately think Halloween but orange and grey? That’s fall to me.) I was pretty sick all day at work the day I wore the grey sweater over the black dress and the orange of this bag did wonders in cheering me up.

Grey sweater: Target
Black dress: Le Chateau
Grey tights: Calvin Klein
Black boots: Fluevog
Orange bag: Bessie (UK)


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