I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be busy.

Like really and truly busy.

Earlier this week I had to present our new social media policy to 50+ staff at a team meeting. I present again tomorrow to a similar size group. I had gotten used to public speaking when I was doing it for the United Way but that was three years ago. I’m jittery starting again – and my hands betray my nervousness when I need to maneuver the mouse during my presentation. I know it’ll subside the more I present – I have 4 more presentations next week and probably 16 total for the month (almost 800 staff need to see the presentation).

Add to that I was in full day meetings both Tuesday and Wednesday, and my department is moving to a new office within the building and I spent today packing and moving boxes and going up and down stairs all day long. And I did it all in heels and with the worst cramps ever. Well almost – I’ve had worse, but barely.

I ran Tuesday morning before my meeting, went to my swim class after, ran again this morning and have packed my swim bag with the forced optimism that I’ll be up at 5 and out to the pool to swim some laps and practice my drills (want to work on my streamline and my breathing) before work tomorrow but something tells me if I’m hitting the pool tomorrow it’s going to be 5:30pm not am.


And then it’s the weekend.

And I’d normally slow down but Clara’s great aunt is visiting, plus on Saturday I’m scheduled to run, then there’s Clara’s music class, a visit to friends followed by a quick stop at a colleague’s house party. Sunday is more practice time in the pool followed by Clara’s swim class.

Then it’s Monday again.

Did I mention I doing four presentations next week? And unpacking in a new office? And supposed to be spending a day offsite on a PA day field trip? And participating in the Santa Claus parade at the end of the month with Clara and I’m on the committee so I’ve spent more time imaginable making hats and other decorations for the costumes we’ll be wearing?

Hats like these ?


Is it Christmas yet? Because I’m off for the week between it and New Years and right now, I’m spending the week in my pyjamas. Ok, and running clothes or a swim suit. But no heels. The fanciest foot wear this girl will be rocking through the holidays are my favourite plush puppy slippers or, at the very most, a pair of ugg boots. Because look! It’s already that time of year!

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