On The Run

I started running outdoors again in September, once the weather started to get cool, going out in the mornings before work. I only have about 30 minutes, since I haven’t mustered the energy to be out any earlier than about 6:20 and I need to be back home by 7.

This means I’m only running about 3km and a bit longer on the weekend, but at this point, I’ll take whatever I can manage.

This was September:

I only got in 4 runs for a total of 13km My fastest average was 6:51/km with my average for the month at 7:23/km.

This was October:


14 runs. My fastest run had me averaging 6:21/km, my overall average for the month was 6:48/km with a total of 50km.

My average speed for October was faster than my fastest speed in September.

I’m hoping for similar in November, and if not (I’m find the colder weather a bit harder on the lungs) then at least I’d like to see an increase in mileage.

These early mornings are getting colder though and the darkness isn’t helping. But I bought a cozy North Face running jacket in a lovely purple and it’ll do the trick for keeping me warm. Only problem is, it’s a little too small. Fingers crossed that by the time I REALLY need it, it’ll fit.

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