Itsy Spider, Lady Bug, Vampire







Despite the rain and a long hectic day at work, we had a lot of fun today. Even if I didn’t win the scariest costume prize at work, because, I was told, while kind of scary it was also kind of sexy.

But the vial of blood! I argued. With the tooth! And eyeballs on my nails! And the fact that my hair naturally looks like that tangled, matted mess? And I’m just naturally that pale. C’mon! That’s pretty scary.

But not scary enough. Apparently.

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One Response to Itsy Spider, Lady Bug, Vampire

  1. jods27 says:

    Sister, you were scarily sexy lol. It was an awesome costume. Me on the other hand… that was a frightening mess 😉

    So glad you had a great night – I loved both of Clara’s costumes. xo

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