Clara loves her Nanny as much as I love my Mom. We’re walking for the cure together.

Clara and I first participated in the 2010 Run for the Cure, in honor of my mother, who by then, had been fighting breast cancer for almost 8 months.

In 2011, Clara and I planned to do the run together again – this time in recognition of my mother almost finishing her treatment. Unfortunately, Clara was very ill the night before and therefore unable to participate. I ran alone, after a long night in the ER and on 4 hours sleep. Most runs I might have considered skipping, the Run for the Cure is not one of them.

This year, I’ll be participating again, this time in celebration of my mother’s courage and her successful treatment. It will be a victory run, and weather permitting, Clara will be joining me – even if it means completing the 5km at a toddler’s pace. As much as the run is for me and my realtionship with my mother, it’s also for Clara and her relationship with her Nanny.

Clara and her nanny, summer 2012.

Please consider sponsoring our efforts and support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Any amount will help, no donation is too small.

You can support our efforts here.

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