Easy Like Sunday Morning

We had a busy, busy long weekend which included a trip to Wonderland (post and photos to follow, likely on Clara’s blog) but this morning I took my favorite girl exploring (Dora style) and we went here:


It wasn’t much, just a spot off the road, next to a river where a couple of people were fishing and a couple more sat beneath the trees reading. It was quiet, and peaceful and although there was no playground as I’d hinted to Clara that there might be, she didn’t seem to mind and instead played with some sticks and leaves. To be a child again, seriously. I had debated bringing my Nikon and mistakenly opted not too, but made do with my iPhone:








This kid. Seriously. No matter what I’m thinking or doing or feeling – all of it gets forgotten when I’m with her. And when we’re one on one, it’s inexplicable just how freaking awesome it is.

Easy like Sunday morning. Absolutely.

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One Response to Easy Like Sunday Morning

  1. Stacy says:

    I miss her. I miss you guys. Every day. xo

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