I need to blog about Halifax and share photos, but until I do, there’s this.

Last summer when I visited Halifax, we went down to the Public Gardens on a Sunday afternoon and discovered they played live music in the grand stand every Sunday afternoon. It was the perfect afternoon, and with only one Sunday in Halifax during this trip, I made sure to schedule in the Public Gardens.

And fretted when all weekend it called for rain. And reluctantly considered a contingency plan. And was ecstatic when the sun came out and a bunch of us (meaning friends with kids) piled into our respective vehicles and drove into the city.

The music played, the sun shone brightly, even the brief minutes of a cold summer rain couldn’t get break through the foliage of trees we stood under, no rain on THIS parade, thanks very much.

And Clara?

She played and danced and ran through the park and bonded with the daughter of one of my oldest friends. And we marveled at the gift we were given in having daughters so close in age, children we’d waited and struggled so long for and who brought us together after all these years.

And every once in a while, as she often did throughout the trip, Clara would take a break from all the excitement, the new people and the distractions and she would run to me and throw herself into my arms and I’d embrace her knowing that no one can quite hug her the way that *I* can. And despite how busy and exhausted and overwhelmed I was throughout the week, in those moments, during those embraces I forgot about everything but her. And the moment we were sharing.

This. Just this.


(Many thanks to our good friend Gord for capturing this photo.)

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