Not a Single “But, Mom…!”

Yesterday morning was sunny but cool and I negotiated with Clara that if she hung out with me during the morning so that I could clean and organize my bedroom, I’d take her to the pool after her nap, once it had warmed up.

The pool at the gym whose membership one friend pointed out costs me like $3,000 a year (it doesn’t) and the same pool at which Clara and I often have lunch, which is risking me becoming an elitist, as another friend teased me when I mentioned how I’d spent my morning. I conceded that perhaps “We had lunch by the pool” could be slightly elitist-sounding, but, I argued, I drive a Ford. One must negate the other, therefore, establishing that I most certainly am not an elitist.

By the way, I am quite enjoying my sporty little Focus, especially with my magnetic decal that has NOT been stolen despite my husband’s threats that it would:


And last week, after doing a coffee run at work, I excitedly posted to Facebook that I had finally discovered the purpose to the elastic like strap in the passenger seat of the Focus. How clever, I thought!


Of course, this led my husband to somewhat sardonically point out that the elastic was in fact from the back of the seat protector installed behind the passenger seat to protect it from Clara’s swinging, scuffing feet.

Dual-purpose! I insisted, not discouraged by my new found way to anchor a tray of hot lattes.

Of course, any leniency I may have gained with my Ford-ownership confession was unfortunately usurped by an unexpected turn in the conversation in which my Fluevogs were discussed. Should I post a photo of some beautiful Fluevogs? Should every blog post feature some Fluevogs? I almost think so:


Oh darling girls, is it autumn yet?

But the point is, I wanted to clean my room because it was a disaster. An all out, tornado-must-have-hit-and-a-insolent-slovenly-teenager-lives-here-disaster.

Last week, we had tidied and organized Clara’s room:


And got her her first plant from Ikea, albeit a plastic one:


She was insanely cooperative while I cleaned the room, alternating between watching the tv mounted on the wall in the corner, dancing to the iPhone docked in the docking station, playing on the iPad or “helping me”. I even got to pull the bed away from the wall and sweep out all the lost crap that we’ve been missing for months as well as a mountain of dust. And then the real fun began, when she helped me assemble a shoe cabinet that I’d gotten at Ikea. And used my pink girly tools to do it:


I realized as I finished building the cabinet that I don’t really need additional space for shoes since having the shoe wall installed, but it serves the purpose of having somewhere for my humidifier to sit:


And the black vase-type piece is a candle holder (from Ikea) that is fairly shallow and has become the perfect safe spot for pieces of jewelry like my rings and my crystal earrings:



I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the shoe cabinet will become a lingerie cabinet, but regardless, it’s additional storage space – something this perpetually disorganized person needs:


And the rest of the room is clean, which makes me freakishly happy in a Monica-kind of way:


And I stole this print from my guest room because I love it that much:


Hanging at the foot of my bed, it’s my “some-day” morning view:


I cleaned the bathroom after completing the bedroom and while Clara napped. And when she (finally) woke (she can still pull of a 2.5+ hour nap every so often), we did as I had promised, we went to the pool.

I’m such an elitist, me and my Ikea furniture, that I assembled myself.

While wearing Fluevogs.

(I’m joking!)

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