Date Night: Queen St Style

We drove downtown for this week’s date night, mostly so I could stop by John Fluevog to check out their summer sale.

This was my outfit for this week’s date night:


The guys at Fluevog remembered me from my last trip there a year and a half ago, and it wasn’t long before we were chatting away as I tried on a few pairs of shoes that were on sale, including these:


The Hollies were an easy decision, and an obvious choice for the fall weather at work, with pencil skirts and pants.

Then I found (and bought) these – the last pair in the entire store and they just happened to be in my size – and despite the price tag it didn’t take long for me to fall maddeningly in love:


We went to the Queen Mother where I ordered my usual Khao Soi Gai, and as usual, I requested extra green stuff (mint and cilantro) because that ‘s how I roll:


We went to see a late show of The Dark Knight Raises, after which I posted this to Facebook:


We booked a room at the Holiday Inn near the theatre:


I may or may not have slept in my new Fluevogs (they’re call Lourdes):


And may or may not have worn them the next morning while getting ready to leave the room to meet our favorite girl for breakfast before hitting the pool:


And that was date night – Queen St. style.

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