The Suburban Life

I’ve started trying to get up early during the week to go to the gym before work and this is harder than it sounds because we’ve just started summer hours at the office which means 8-4 instead of the usual 9-5.

The early mornings during the week take their toll on me by the time the weekend rolls around, and Saturday mornings, there’s no rush to get out of bed – especially when Clara sleeps late and let’s the rest of the house sleep too.

(She has taken to sneaking into her grandfather’s room while he’s still sleeping and when she’s inches away from his face, she will shout, “Ba!! Wakeup! Time to get up! Waffles and mini-wheats, Ba!”)

I adore Saturdays, (and the entire weekends obviously, since I don’t work and can spend entire days with Clara) but I especially love Saturdays because I skip the gym in the morning and I don’t worry about doing anything but spending the day with my favorite girl.

Today was no different; we woke leisurely; had breakfast with Clara’s grandpa (“Ba! Waffles and mini-wheats, Ba!”). After breakfast, I took Clara to her music class in Oakville. Last week, we went to the nearby waterfront park after class with a picnic lunch; this week we checked out a nearby outdoor community pool close to the school and then headed to Michael’s to get some arts and crafts supplies for Clara.

We had lunch together, and then she napped after I promised (promised) that we’d paint with her new paints when she got up. I allowed myself a short nap alongside her snoring self, then got up to do a bit of the housework that never (ever) gets done, especially now that I’m back at work.

She woke up, came to find me, wearing her diaper and her hair messed

(this is what she usually looks like when she wakes up from a deep nap:


and she found me scrubbing the shower.

“Paint!” she exclaimed as way of greeting and I smiled at her.

“Hello to you too, sleepy head,” was my reply.

We painted until her grandfather came home, and then eventually her father.



I eventually left her to go upstairs to get ready (Saturday is date night), and we did our usual (dinner and a movie).

I did the side braid again, same dangling earrings. My favorite Guess sandals, my favorite jeans, and my husbands favorite top:


Except that my husband might argue that he never said it was his favorite, he just likes it a lot.

Dinner at Moxie’s; we each had a beer, shared an appetizer as well as an entree (vindaloo) and I marveled that there are people that would eat by themselves the entire meal we shared.

We then shared a box of chocolate covered peanuts when we went to see Ted; I laughed enough and then squirmed sufficiently when my beloved Giovanni twisted and turned in a manner eerily reminiscent (to me at least) of THAT scene from Silence of the Lambs when Buffalo Bill dances.

And posted about it on Facebook here:


On the way home, I contemplated our suburban life, the comforts we have, the luxuries that sometimes are taken for granted. The dark night sky, the lights of a tractor in a field just off the highway.

A suburban life. The life I’m used too, the life I enjoy.

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