Wrapping Up June (Day 25-30)

25. Unusual


There’s a scale in the women’s washroom at work that clearly isn’t getting used. It’s dusty, decrepit and, well, unusual. I assume it’s leftover from the days when they used to do Weight Watchers in the office. Kinda like the treadmills in the abandoned office upstairs that I’ve been using on a fairly regular basis.

26. 12 o’clock


I’m rarely awake at 12am anymore. Seriously. Clara’s toy puzzle clock is the closest I’ll get to the midnight hour.

27. Something Sweet


I need something sweet in the late afternoon at work, to get me through the rest of the day. At only 90 calories per package (for a small handful), these are doing the trick.

28. The weather today


The morning sky when I got up for spinning early yesterday. I hate those first few moments at 5am when the alarm goes off, but love those moments when I open the front door and step onto the porch. This has been the weather all week, hot and humid, the air heavy and still, the sky on fire.

29. A number


Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I normally turn my nose up at fanatical pop culture. Have not read the Twilight series, or seen the movies. But I was intrigued to see if it was as shocking and as taboo as I’ve overheard waiting on planes and in various lineups and all over Facebook. It’s not shocking (to me) or taboo (to me). It doesn’t embarrass me or turn me pink. The writing is poor, there is far too much muttering and mumbling. And yet, despite myself, I’m interested in it as a love story, and the idea of dark mixing with pure.

30. Your personality

I swept my hair into a thick, messy side braid this morning and wore olive green eyeshadow that I smudged around my eyes. Dangly earrings, a fitted black top, a white pencil skirt, and the tallest shoes I own.


I strode into work, sunglasses shading my eyes, smoothie in one hand, iPhone in the other. Six feet tall and graceful despite the height of my shoes. I’ve become known for my shoe collection in the office, and for my wardrobe and I allude myself that this is my personality.

Then at night, when I go to bed, I’m greeted by this in the mirror:


Bare-faced, hair in braids, retainer.


Off-the shoulder t-shirt, an 80’s girl still at heart. Boy shorts and awkward legs. So much older than the teenaged girl these photos remind me and still, some days at least, I’m reminded that *this* is me.

31. Something beautiful


Clara. Pure and simple. My love for her.

Pure and simple.

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