Day 20-Day 23

20. Something you can’t live without


I didn’t want to be lame or use a cliche, but there’s nothing that I can’t live without more than this little person. Seriously. And days with her, like today, when we’re sitting under a tree in a park by the water. I’m blogging, she’s sleeping.

21. Where you stand


She’s not feeling well, because for me to be carrying her is rare. Normally, I’d be chasing her, and instead of sleeping like she is now, she’d be all over the playground that’s behind where we’re sitting. Making new friends. “Hi kids,” she likes to say, upon making her entrance at whatever playground we happen to be at. As in, “Hi kids, I’m here! Let’s get this party started!”

22. Pink


I’ve been wearing these shoes a fair bit, since going back to work. Remember these shoes? They’re the shoes I got married in:


People at work compliment them a lot and they seem shocked when I tell them they were my wedding shoes. Seriously? Are they really that extreme? I know they’re not white but a dusty, elegant pink is hardly revolutionary. I wear them a lot with a simple dark navy sheath dress I have, or with black pants and a sleeveless top I bought in Vegas with swirls of color, two of which are pink. This week, when I wore them, I also painted my nails, which I never, ever do:


And the reason I don’t paint my nails is right there. Because of how prematurely my hands have aged. Or maybe my hand are telling the truth about how old I am, while the rest of me (or so I like to think) hasn’t got the memo that I’m getting old.

23. Technology


I’m fascinated with this pair of towers that was built within the last couple of years in downtown Mississauga. Their location is fairly strategic, you see them as you approach the city along a number of the main roads.

It was this, or the photo I have somewhere that I snapped of an old gen iPhone that we’ve attached to our stainless steel fridge using magnets. It replaces the need for a white board or any paper scraps that we previously used for grocery lists – now, we use Evernote on the iPhone and no matter where we are, as long as someone has their current iPhone with them, they can download the latest list when they’re at the store. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

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One Response to Day 20-Day 23

  1. Stacy says:

    Is that the rubber ducky I bought for her?! 🙂 xo

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