Day 3: Something You Wore Today

Clara and I are big fans of Todd Parr books, having first received one as a gift last summer and since then, we’ve gotten a couple of more. One of them, The Mommy Book, discusses different kind of mommies and often, when Clara and I are reading it, we play an either/or game in reference to myself. As in, does Clara’s mommy like to fish, or go shopping? Cook or lay on the couch and order pizza? Fly a kite or fly a plane?

But there are two pages that in the past few weeks have become tied:



Before going back to work, hands down it was jeans. Or workout clothes. I’ve been KILLING these jeans in particular since I bought them at Ross Dress For Less in Las Vegas. For $12. I wore them home on the plane:


And on mother’s day:


And today:


I LOVE getting compliments on these jeans and being able to tell people how much they cost me. Because no one loves a deal more than *this* girl.

The new office, however, has a very strict no jeans policy (unlike my last job at which I wore jeans at least once a week) and so I’ve been dressing up each day to go to work. And while I know it’s a challenge for a lot of people to get dressed for the office (or enjoy it), I’ve actually been having a lot of fun picking out my outfit each day – not to mention choosing from my shoe wardrobe, which has become extensive.

(While writing this blog I was more than a little startled by how many outfits I’d snapped photos of with my phone. Originally, it started with me texting my photos to my friends-fashion advisors – this dress or this one? These shoes or these shoes? But then, I had people commenting on what I was wearing at work and other people asking me what I wore to my interviews/to work and I figured I’d blog about it eventually so I kept snapping photos. And then couldn’t find the time so kept snapping more. And then today’s prompt was just a little too convenient so yeah. Picture overload. Am I really this vain?)

But anyway.

The day I was offered the job, I was wearing this:

Brown suit: Tommy Hilfiger
Blouse: Smart Set

My first day, I opted for classic but playful and wore this:

Dress: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Max Studio

My second day, I went bold and felt awesome:

Dress: London Times
Boots: John Fluevog

Then I decided to mix things up with some pants:

Blouse and pants: Joe Fresh
Shoes: John Fluevog

For a site visit where I spent the whole day hanging out with kids at their school, I went slightly casual in this:

Top: Suzy Sheir
Pants: Mexx
Sneakers: Sketchers

And for a photo shoot I wore the dress I wore to my first interview (without the suit jacket) and the shoes I got married in:

Dress: Anne Klein
Shoes: Alfani

I don’t often wear my hair down at work (it’s a little crazy and a lot big) but on this day I did:

Shirt: Mexx
Pants: Jessica Simpson
Shoes: Nine West

We are allowed to wear open-toed sandals at the office, as long as there’s a strap at the back of the heel so it didn’t take me long to throw on these:


T-shirt: ?, Ross Dress for Less
Skirt: Notations, Ross Dress for Less
Shoes: Target

And on Friday, when it rained and poured and it felt like fall rather than the start of summer, I dressed accordingly:

Sweater: Joe Fresh
Pants: Mexx
Boots: Fluevog

And that’s what I’ve been wearing, today and on other days, on the weekends and at work, jeans and not-jeans.

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