I like to drive. I like to drive fast and I don’t like being stuck behind people.

I HATE being stuck behind people in stop and go traffic. The worst is stop and go on the highway, but, as I’ve learned in the past week, stop and go on congested side roads filled with people trying to avoid the highway is just as bad.

Because seriously? Inching your way towards an intersection only to have the light turn yellow is beyond frustrating. My new commute is a third of what it was before (think 30 minutes vs 90). But I think I swear more during those 30 minutes than I have in the entire two years I was off with Clara.

So I’m on a mission. To find the route to and from the office that gives me the best driving experience possible. Few lights. Less congestion. Lots of speed. Corners optional, but desired. We needed a second car for me to commute in and so after extensive research on his part (not mine, I just randomly said I like X, Y & Z), we bought and ordered this:


The Focus Titanium Hatchback. Manual transmission, 18″ wheels, a sport suspension (I actually don’t know what I’m talking about but I can pretend), leather seats and sunroof, touch screen. Our salesperson let me take the car out on a couple of different test drives unaccompanied and the night we bought the car, I drove it how I like to drive. Sunroof open, music playing. Like Jack, nimble and quick.

I do not want to be in stop and go traffic in this car.

The most obvious route to and from work is this:


It’s the route everyone takes, hence the stop and go. It’s brutal, it sucks and I hate it.

In the past week, I’ve detoured down numerous side roads and pulled a couple of U-Turns on major roads to avoid the mass congestion ahead. Yesterday’s short cut on the toll highway had me stuck in traffic from an accident and I was reminded of that trapped highway no-where-to-go feeling. And taking it this morning only saved me less than 5 minutes off my commute so not worth the toll fee really. Despite how much I hate stop and go.

But then this evening. This evening I did this:


An extra 6 or so kilometers but mostly the same time as the direct route, door to door. Fast and scenic. Lots of corners too.

I need to test it a few times to make sure today wasn’t a fluke but my instincts are telling me it wasn’t. It feels like the right route.

The Focus is going to thank me.

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