My Soul is Singing

This is the farmhouse.


If all goes as planned (and fingers crossed it does) I’ll be renting this 6 bedroom farmhouse near Lunenburg and off Mahone Bay with my sisters, brother and mother when I’m in Halifax this summer. 6 bedrooms, sleeps 10. Just enough space for family and the friends my sister is bringing from England.

It reminds me of my grandmother’s house in Newfoundland and far surpasses my hopes for a beach cottage somewhere.

Across the meadow, in front of the farmhouse, there’s a beach.


I’m not sure if THIS is the beach in front of the house or if it’s the beach that’s a 5 minute stroll from the house. Either way.

There’s muskoka chairs, for watching the sunrise, the sunset, or the stars. Hopefully all three.



There’s kayaking and bikes and a row boat for fishing. A fire pit. Deers and pheasants and (I’ve heard) llamas that are tame and run free. I’ve also heard the owners welcome their guests with homemade bread.

Eco-tourism at its best, the retreat has a Audubon Green Leaf™ Eco-Rating of four out of five leaves. Solar panels. Well water. Bedding dried on clotheslines, smelling of the sea air.


My senses are tingling in anticipation, my heart is full, my soul is singing. A place for my family to be together, the east coast with my favorite girl.



From their website:

“Twenty-seven acres of green meadows and forest capture the peace of unspoiled nature. The property, located near Mahone Bay, slopes gently down to 1400 feet of private waterfrontage. The smooth sea breeze may inspire you to test the new kite with your children on the grassy headland stretching out into the bay. At the tip of this headland you will find the boathouse and the wharf. This is the perfect place for a sunbath after a refreshing swim in the glittering water. Look out on the ocean and imagine nothing but waves across to France. For later in the day, you will find plenty of firewood for a campfire on the shore.”

My soul is singing.

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2 Responses to My Soul is Singing

  1. jods2527 says:

    Me too sister! Me too…

    And just think of the amazing photos we are going to get 🙂 I had a lot of fun planning this with you xo

  2. Stacy says:

    I’m hoping to do some fishing this year, so maybe, just maybe I will use that rowboat (provided I have some gear…I have people I can borrow from). And I LOVE LOVE LOVE LLAMAS!! Hugging llamas is my FAVORITE!
    Plus that hammock looks amazing. I want to have naps in it with Baby Barratt 🙂

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