Do More Than Just Watch


We have never claimed a desire to “save Africa,” but, instead, an intent to inspire Western youth to “do more than just watch.”

Having worked in the non-profit sector for a number of years, I really wish people would realize that:

a) there’s a lot of overhead to operating a non-profit (and it includes things like paying salaries)
b) sometimes, non-profits have to spend money to make money (and raise awareness)
c) just because a person chooses to work for a non-profit doesn’t mean they’re choosing to work for free. People in the non-profit sector have valuable skills, compassion for those less fortunate or that are suffering and, most importantly, are doing something to change the world (when so many are not). They should be paid accordingly.

I watched the video, observed the backlash and read Invisible Children Critiques
before jumping to conclusions, and worse, started pointing fingers.

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