We All Live In a Yellow Submarine


Our aqua lounge chairs in our kitchen play area helped inspire the aqua, yellow and hot pink color scheme.


Paper banner garland on the fireplace, handmade. Construction paper, 2″ hole punch, yarn and alphabet stickers from Michael’s.



Polka-dot garland, handmade. Flower vase, upcycled wine gift box. Decorating on a budget isn’t all that hard when you’re arts-and-craftsy.


Placemats with a printed round label became Beatles records, complete with song titles and personalized with Happy Birthday Clara.



A friend that will make you Twinkie submarines (complete with periscope) and organic cup cakes for your kid’s birthday can not be described adequately.

(I get by with a little help from my friends).


Gin martini with raspberry and lemon wedge garnish. I stay up late at night thinking about these things.


Strawberry Fields (Rainbow fruit skewers).


Sgt. Pepper-oni Lonely Hearts (Heart-shaped mini pizzas with heart shaped pepperoni.) I’ve got an incredible father-in-law that humors me without complaint.


And we discovered that Clara loves hard-boiled eggs. Bonus.



Individual veggie cups (AKA Octopus’s Garden) with ranch dressing at the bottom discourages double dipping.


Cheese flower, hearts and butterfly cut-outs. Easy to do with thin sliced cheese and miniature cookie-cutters.

The birthday girl. (Dress, Children’s Place).

It’s all for her. All of it. Every bit of single hole punched piece of confetti and late nights glue-sticking and texts back and forth with Deb as we schemed and the twice weekly trips to Michael’s. All of it is for her and I’ll do it again, each and every year and if she looks back at the photos some day and echoes, as her father has said, repeatedly in the past few days, that I’m crazy, I’ll agree.

But I did it all because I could. And because she’s worth it.

And I love her.

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6 Responses to We All Live In a Yellow Submarine

  1. Jody says:

    It all looks really amazing 🙂 Like I said on FB, if this is for a two year old, I can’t wait to see 16. Hopefully I will get to partake in a few – especially if martini’s on offer. I think a cocktail makes great sense, especially when the adults outnumber the kids 🙂 I love the Octopus’s Garden idea. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Clara’s dress. Almost, but nearly, as much as I love Clara. And you. xoxo

    HaPpy BirThdAy to Clara. We will have to skype so I can sing her song to her as well 🙂

  2. Tina says:

    That looks beyond amazing. You really need to come do some arts and crafts with my preschoolers. Happy Birthday Clara!

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  5. Tina says:

    Great job!
    Curious as to what you used for the pariscopes on the “Twinkie submarines”???

  6. Hi Tina –
    A good friend called in a favor and her graphic designer friend did the periscopes and the rest of the graphics. His site is http://www.jamesmojonnier.com.

    Thanks for the comment!

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