Cheap Sweat

I love a good deal.

I’ve been avoiding downtown since the start of the Fluevog annual winter sale because I know how easy it would be for me to walk into their Queen Street store and walk out with three pairs of shoes. Because last year, I bought my first pair in December at full price then went back for the winter sale and bought three more pairs.

And if I went, it’d be too easy to buy these:


I tried them on last spring and was tempted to pay full price for them. Seriously tempted. Because doesn’t everyone want a pair of shoes that are a gorgeous cross between green and blue? John calls that color Petrol. I call it luscious. And now they’re like $3000 off and they could be mine.

But so could these:


Because really, I’m a super-hero on the inside. Forget that they’re extremely impractical and really what would I wear them with? A mini-skirt for starters. Don’t lie, you so know I would.

Or these:


Because as it was pointed out to me a couple of weeks ago, I like wearing shoes that make me insanely tall. And these bad girls with their 5″ heel would only make me 6′. Because, as my husband pointed out the other night when we went out for dinner and I wore a dress, tights and a pair of Fluevog boots, I just have to be the tallest person when we all go out. Not really, but good thing it doesn’t really bother him or anything because if it did and he wanted me to wear lower shoes, I’m not sure I could do that. I’m not *that* wife or was ever *that* girlfriend.

Most people think I’m crazy for the money I’ve spent on my small Fluevog collection. And it IS small. There are people online that have twice as many pairs. Or three times as many. Or something totally ridiculous like 40 pairs.

(I’m jealous).

There’s other people that would think I’m crazy on the amount of many I’ve spent on my workout clothes. Specifically my Lulu Lemon gear. And they’re not wrong either. $100 for a pair of yoga pants IS ridiculous (I have two pairs). $50 for a tank top is insane, and I have…7 6, losing a lovely white one to a red Gatorade mishap in my gym bag. 2 pairs of shorts ($50 each), ridiculous. And 3 yoga jackets, 1 of which I’ve lost, at $100 each, and it’s yes, a bit much. Because that’s $1000 in workout clothes.

Clothes I sweat in.


Because here’s the thing. The majority of people going to the gym are going so we can lose weight. If you’re one of those people (like me) then why the hell are we spending hundreds of dollars on clothes we’re hoping won’t fit us in a few months?

Which is why, when I’ve recently needed new running pants in a smaller size I absolutely refused to buy more Lulu Lemon (plus I can’t afford it). So I’ve been wearing those crazy capris in the middle of winter and freezing my man-calves off. Because they were $5.

So the other day I said I needed LONG pants. And then Tay found a $10 off coupon for Joe active wear, as long as I spent $30. And that’s a crazy good deal. That’s a third off, which is awesome. So off I went, with my grateful, cold man-calves to buy some long pants. And guess what I did, because I have no scruples and I cheat the system when I can? I found a couple of those $10 coupons on the coupon board and then guess what this thrifty girl did? I managed to do three seperate purchases, at different checkouts and I used all three coupons. I’m an evil, horrible person, this is true.

But I have to show off what I got for $90, taxes in.


One pink, one black. $19 each regular, on sale for 2 for $15. $7.50 is practically free when a coffee and a cookie costs the same at Starbucks.


Same deal, 2 for $15 and cheap enough that I could ignore that the purple one is a wee bit small. It won’t be in 17lbs 15.5lbs.


These are awesome because they’re fitted up top, loose at the bottom but with a drawstring which is convenient. And you can wear a regular bra under it, plus it has a built in bra. Guess the best part though?

2 for $15


Then this cute combo that was on sale and in a bright feisty orange cause I like getting noticed at the gym. Both on sale – pants, $15 and yoga tank, $8.


And in gray, because $23 for the outfit? That’s half a pair of Lulu Lemon shorts.


And the only thing I paid the regular price for, a pair of calypso (?) pants that make my ass look delectable and after using my 3 coupons they work out to -$6. A total bargain!

6 tank tops at $7.50 each: $45
2 tank tops at $8 each: $16
$61 total
(1 Lulu tank: $45)

2 pairs of yoga pants at $15 each
1 pair of calypso (?) pants at $24 each
$39 total
(1 Lulu pants: $100)

$100 total MINUS $30; $70 plus tax.

Holy moly, I love a good deal.

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3 Responses to Cheap Sweat

  1. Valentina says:

    Wow! THAT is a great deal, Tawny! I like all your new outfits, but I especially love the orange and grey combo outfits. I have heard a lot about the Lulu Lemon stuff (can’t find that mark in Italy) and I looked for it last time I was in Canada. However, I couldn’t get myself to spend that much money on, as you said, “sweat-clothes”. I like Joe’s for sporty outfits and I am looking forward to our next trip to Canada so that I too can get my share of good deals 🙂
    Also, have you ever heard of / seen El Naturalista shoes? I think you would like them. They are very trendy here and they are super comfortable… I can’t wear any other brand since I have bought my first pair 4 years ago.

  2. Jody says:

    All my gym sessions are ‘cheap sweats’ lol. I’ve never been paricular about what I wear to the gym; you and Stace spend a lot more than I do on gym clothes. Like Valentina, I couldn’t warrent spending over a certain amount on work-out gear, especially just for a label. I do buy Nike and Elle Sport occassionally from TK Max (it’s like Winners) and I wish that we had a Joe’s here because I love the gear you just bought, although I’ve never been brave enough to wear sleeveless tops (I need too much support upstairs anyway). One of my old pair of (too big) black pants (that I inherited from Stace) have finally expired after ten years so time to buy a new pair to go along side the pair you sent me last year 😉 . I love all the workout jackets I have from my trips home or that I’ve been sent by my sisters and do feel pretty sharp when I pair one with my 3/4 nike running bottoms 🙂

    (I won’t comment about shoes because I love shoes, the more funky & unique, the better.)

  3. ALBY says:

    You’ll be happy to know that I’m taking your lead, printing multiple coupons and making my way to my neighborhood Joe Fresh for some very much need workout gear. What a great way to work the system!

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