Take This Resolution And…

…make good on it.

I recently got sucked into Pinterest, and the other day, I pinned this photo and caption:

A resolution that the anti-resolutionists should consider making.

I always have to shake my head every January at the anti-resolutionists that vehemently declare that they will not be joining the rest of the world that are making resolutions, mostly due to them being a “waste of time”. Or, because they don’t see point in making resolutions that they know they won’t keep. I also love how critical, or condescending, or dismissive they can be of those that do choose to make resolutions and improve their lives.

Even if the ones that do, fail, or it’s a waste of their time. At least they try.

As someone who has recently come to realize how much my fear of failure is keeping me from accomplishments that are perhaps easily within my reach, you’d think I’d run screaming the other way when the New Year rolled around and the task of making resolutions loomed. My fear of failing should technically make me one of the anti-resolutionists.

But what I’ve discovered, in recent years, that I think a lot of people have yet come to realize, is that the secret to making resolutions is to focus on achievable resolutions that you can actually, well, achieve.

I don’t ever resolve that I’m going to lose xxlbs by xx date. I resolve to eat better and exercise more.

I don’t ever resolve to sell or publish the book I wrote, I resolve to edit my book.

I don’t set myself up to fail, I set myself up to succeed, and usually, I do.

I checked my resolutions for last year to see which ones I actually followed through on, and I wasn’t really disappointed.

They were:

1. Edit my book

It’s a work in progress, still, but I did edit. Just not as much as I would have liked.

2. Wear better shoes

When I’m not in my running shoes, I’m likely in a pair of Fluevogs. And my feet are thanking me for it.

3. Eat only what I’d be comfortable letting Clara eat
Using this rule of thumb, I’ll often share with Clara whatever I’m having for a meal or snacking on. Because of this, she eats a wide variety of foods that I’d think are remarkable for a toddler.

Mango salad.

Thai curry.

Indian Curry.

And not really surprising, other than the fact it’s soup, turkey soup.

She also eats things like proscuitto, tabouleh, risotto, rainbow trout and salmon, aged cheddars, trail mixes, all pastas. When I get greek food for take out, she prefers pork souvlaki over chicken, likes rice over roast potatoes. She goes nuts for tofu when I order a favorite thai vegetarian dish, and coconut soup. She loves raw vegetables, especially with yogurt ranch dip. If the fridge is open and she can choose a snack (Nosh), she often askes for an apple. Or a piece of cheese. If the cupboard is open, she wants sunflower seeds or dried cranberries. I’m certainly not perfect though, and she’s developed a fondness for french fries (especially Swiss Chalet), and chocolate, and Doritoes. Goldfish crackers. She loves M&Ms and Smarties, but doesn’t really care for pizza. Though neither do I, unless it’s homemade.

She still hasn’t had McDonald’s, or Burger King or Wendy’s. It will happen some day, I’m sure, but as long as we can avoid it, we do. She has never had soda, will not get coca-cola for many, many years.

4. Talk to my family more

My mother, in the past year, has started using email and facebook which helps us keep in touch. I’ve been making an effort to call my mother more, and I think I have, especially when I’m in the car going somewhere with Clara and I can press a button on my steering wheel and call my Mom. My father texts often from the road, I continue to text and facebook and communicate to my sisters through their blogs. It’s probably still not as much as I should be doing, but it’s definitely more

5. Get outdoors

One of my favorite posts from last year was My Many Colored Days. Clara and I get outside A LOT when the weather cooperates. In fact, I’m constantly monitoring the weather so that an opportunity to get outside doesn’t pass us by.

6. Run 10k (at least)

I was up to about 11km last June and then the hot weather set in and I didn’t want to run outdoors. And I discovered spinning. But none of that matters, because I still ran 10km.

7. Take more (better) photos

It hasn’t been hard, with such attractive subjects.

8. Sleep better

I’ve been napping with Clara in the afternoon and, surprisingly, sleeping better at night as a result. Never underestimate the power of quality sleep.

9. Moisturize
I’ve been using Aveda Green Science as my skin care regiment, using Eucerin lotion on my body, Aveda Hand Relief on my hands and my skin? It’s never looked better. Seriously.

10. Think first, act/speak second

I’m trying, really hard, despite sometimes offending the few remaining people that still read my blog – recently and in the past. Believe it or not, I give serious thought to the things I post, trying my hardest to think first, act/speak second.

And my resolutions for 2012, since I was so successful in 2011?

More of last years, but some new ones?

1) Drink less pop (I haven’t had a coke since the start of the new year, and only drank ginger ale the day I had the flu a couple of weeks ago).

2) Run more (I’ve already signed up for the Sporting Life 10km in May)

3) Eat more salad (I’m trying to eat a salad daily, either at lunch or dinner)

4) Eat more fruit

5) Read more (The Kindle I got more Christmas is making this happen)

6) Learn to (finally) use my camera (I’m signing up for a photography SLR class next month)

7) Teach Clara new things, to share, to be kind

8) Take more chances with my writing

9) Ask for help when I need it

10) Let my hair down more often (literally and figuratively)

It’s a new year. And while I’m not resolving to become a new me, I am resolving to make the most of the year, and to do the best I can. It’s a new year. A fresh start. At the very least, resolve to be happy, because it’s good for your health.

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One Response to Take This Resolution And…

  1. Renu says:

    let me know when you go for photography class.. I might join you ..

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