What I (Didn’t) Wear

Some of the blogs I frequent do a segment called “What I Wore” that I’ve been hesitant to partake in because a) I’m too lazy to pull out the SLR and it’s remote to take a proper photo and b) if only because what I wear consists primarily of workout clothes since I’m at the gym six days out of seven. And I don’t throw together a nice outfit when I get home from the gym because a lot of the times, my afternoons are spent napping with Clara, or laying on her bed with her and catching up on some reading while she snores next to me. Fancy duds are not required for this lovely daily ‘chore’ and some days, if the weather is miserable and we have no errands to run after our afternoon nap, well some days I’m guilty of pulling on some pajamas for this arduous task. Or more workout clothes because I have way more workout clothes than I probably need.

Today though, we had plans to head downtown to the community centre where I used to work, after which Clara and I were having lunch with my ex-boss. We’d been invited to hang out in the daycare with the junior and senior toddlers and since I didn’t know if we’d be indoors or out and if we were in, I’d likely be on the floor participating in some kid-activity, I hesitated to wear anything nice. (And normally, when heading downtown, I’d jump at the chance to put together an outfit. Like my black Calvin Klein dress that I got at Ross Dress for Less, with a pair of gray knit tights and my Operettas.

These sweet girls:


This was what I planned to wear:


Nothing too dressy, considering the planned activities for the morning. Burgundy ruffle sleeveless blouse, Joe Fresh. Cardigan, The Gap. Jeans, H&M. Shoes would likely have been Sketchers.

I changed my mind at the last minute though and dressed down even further, wearing a dark green work shirt, ripped jeans and my brown Fleuvog boots. I was dressed down and comfortable but it was fine for playing with the kids in the daycare and then lunch at the neighborhood hotspot for sushi and teriyaki (I had spicy tuna rolls and salmon teriyaki, Clara went nuts over the miso soup, seaweed and tofu included; she is SO my kid).

What did Clara wear?


Her green Day Dreamer long sleeve tshirt (The Gap), denim skirt and heart tights (The Children’s Place), beige coat (Old Navy, borrowed) and her dark pink boots (Babies R Us, Las Vegas).

I wish I had more in me so I could be funny clever amusing interesting but I’m knackered from baking last night for a charity bake sale (coconut macaroons and chocolate chip (M&M) cookies), knitting a baby blanket for a baby shower (it’s next weekend and I just started), and not sleeping last night at all. And the most recent episode of The Walking Dead still has me reeling because those last ten minutes are some of the most awful minutes of television that I’ve experienced and that’s saying a lot.

So there you have it, I’ve got nothing. Except what I (didn’t) wear.

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