The Bacteria Apportion

Good news, it was the filling that my dentist had referenced last month that broke off and therefore, I was able to cancel the appointment in the new year to have it fixed.

Dr. Ela (she goes by her first name since her last name isn’t pronounceable to the average human, certainly not me) repaired my filling since my normal dentist was off yesterday. She said she’d heard all sorts of crazy ways in which people have broken fillings, including eating French fries.

My filling was ready to go, and it would have gone regardless of what I was eating. Yes, a French fry probably would have done it, and no, it wasn’t the M&Ms fault.

So we filled it and $207 later she was suggesting that I find some insurance to get on because ultimately, I should be getting a crown for that tooth and that’s going to be like $1000. She strongly recommended a night guard too since I’m still grinding at night. Gak. Another $200-$300 there.

When I updated Taylor when I got home he told Clara that I’m expensive. I am, and not just my mouth either. (Don’t ask what I spent at Aveda yesterday during their 20% off sale, but here’s a hint, I spent probably what some people spend on groceries in a month. But I stocked up and a quarter of it was stuff that Jackie asked me to get for her. But still. I was just at the Aveda store in Vegas in September. Aveda is my new Sephora but that’s okay, because the better my skin’s looking, the less makeup I’m wearing and it’s LIBERATING.)

So anyway, I asked Dr. Ela if bad teeth are hereditary since my teeth are so clearly bad. And I’m worried Clara will have my teeth, with my problems, with my dental bills. And you know what the answer to that is? It’s not hereditary per se but kids still get good or bad teeth from their parents, more specifically, one of their parents. It’s passed on to them through bacteria in the mouth, in the first three years of the child’s life when their teeth are developing. And the kid gets it from whichever parent has the most mouth-to-mouth contact with the child.

If you’re thinking mouth-to-mouth and thinking WTF, then you’ve probably never received a kiss from a toddler. It’s messy and sloppy and borderline uncomfortable because I love my kid but I don’t want to make out with her.

So it looks like Clara’s getting my teeth because she freely gives me kisses but has only just started giving Taylor kisses. Which is unfortunate since he has the better bacteria in his mouth which allows him to get away without getting cleanings and when he does, there’s never any cavities or fillings as a result. Poor kid, I pity her those visits to the dentist. And poor us, I pity us our bank account.

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