Feeling Fourteen Again

Yesterday, while eating a handful of M&Ms and texting on my phone, I broke my tooth.

I’m thinking it’s less the tooth and maybe more the filling that broke off, because when I was in for a cleaning last month, my dentist told me that I had a loose filling on the upper left side that I needed to replace. He did say it wasn’t urgent, and I listened. I hope it’s the same tooth actually, despite his inaccuracy about it not being urgent because to have it break off while eating a freaking M&M is in fact, quite lame. But hey, at least if it’s the same tooth it’s only going to cost me once to fix it. Whereas if it’s a different tooth, it’s going to be a costly year.

So yeah, tooth broke while a) texting and b) eating M&Ms.

Am I the only 30-something to break a tooth while eating M&Ms?

And is this a glimpse into my future, 12 years from now, when Clara comes to me and says the same thing? And I won’t be able to ask her how could she be so careless because guess what? I did the exact same thing at 36.

Or is this merely a sign that I should grow up and stop eating M&Ms.

(What is it about M&Ms,
anyway? This is my third post in a row to mention them).

Anyway, I’ve got an appointment to have my tooth fixed tonight and after making the appointment I went and complained bitterly to Tay about the injustice of the world. How I’m having constant issues with my teeth despite taking really good care of them and he never has any problems with his. Ever. And yeah, ok he brushes. But ask him when was the last time he went for a cleaning. I go every 4 months usually, every 6 if I’m feeling lazy and bam! Broken tooth while eating (sigh) M&Ms.

If the situation isn’t enough to warrant my embarrassment (and making me feel like a 14 year old) but I discovered last night when I went to bed that when I wear my retainer, I can’t feel that jagged hole in my tooth. And that jagged hole is UNSETTLING. So I’m going to wear my retainer all day today, until I go to the dentist. And then I’ll tell them the embarrassing truth over how I broke my tooth.


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One Response to Feeling Fourteen Again

  1. Tina says:

    You were eating M&Ms? Was Clara rewarding you for cutting your nails?? 🙂

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