Wherein I Become More of a Cliche & Green Means Go


Let me state, for the record, that I bought these decals almost a YEAR ago, before everyone had them stuck on their cars’ back windows. I liked the decals then, and I still like them now. But I held off on applying them because we were talking about what to do with the Fit when the lease was up and I knew there was a chance we’d sell the car. Which we did. And we got the new car in late July, and yes, I’m just now getting around to applying them (but it said not to apply in extreme heat, and hello, we live in Ontario).

Fortunately, Clara is still in diapers and I style her hair so that it’s sticking out from her head in either one or two pigtails so the baby decal still applies.

Anyhow, so my car looks like every other car on the road now, so what. Except it doesn’t because still, hardly anyone has the car that we decided on. I’ve seen only two others on the road but that’s it. My spinning/body pump instructor keeps talking to me about it though because she’s having a baby in March and wants to upgrade to a slightly bigger vehicle. And random strangers talk to me about it. Like the dude at the gym that said, “that’s a nice car you have there,” and followed up to my non-chalant reply with “nice color too.” Dude, it’s a white car.

Let me also state for the record that Taylor is against these decals.

He was also against the “Green Means Go” car magnet that I wanted to buy at the M&M store in Vegas, accompanied by the foxy green M&M gal.


Oh, how I wanted that on the car but that’s a battle I surrendered if only because a) I figured it’d get stolen or b) it would childishly compel someone to scratch the car in resentment jealousy petulance.

And lastly, since this sort of relates, yesterday’s prompt on plinky asked what wealth meant to me. Assuming they mean material wealth, as in, what classifies a person as being rich, I’ll say right off the bat that driving a luxury car doesn’t mean you’re wealthy. Nor does living in a 1/2 million dollar house. As far as I can tell, the average person can overextend their credit enough to have either or both of those. Same thing goes for designer clothes, shoes and handbags, or dinners at expensive restaurants or luxury vacations or expensive jewelery. It’s amazing the image that credit can buy.

Wealthy is the non-business person that travels first class without using airmiles. Because as far as I can tell, even the dumbest person that overextends on their credit to buy their image usually isn’t dumb enough to pay triple the price of airfare for a bit more leg room, free booze and a gourmet meal.

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One Response to Wherein I Become More of a Cliche & Green Means Go

  1. Stacy says:

    A girl around my age at the gym works in Alberta. Not sure what she does. About 2 weeks ago she came into Le Chateau shopping. She was flying to London the next day just to visit some friends. She was flying first class because she couldn’t handle the overnight flight in economy. She was flying to Toronto first though because there were no executive class flights out of Halifax.

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